How young is too young to learn to sail?

The short answer is that there is no correct answer.  It all depends on the individual.

We have had young people as young as 11 years old on board Entourage learning the basics of sailing and after only 30 minutes they are helming like a champion, responding to wind shifts, maintaining boat balance in gusts and sailing to windward.

All this accompanied by the biggest smile you have ever seen!

So clearly young people are able to learn that part of sailing.

But sailing is much more than steering a boat.


Our sailing training for novices covers all the other essential knowledge that is needed to efficiently, effectively and safely sail a keel boat.  We cover hoisting and managing sails, working with winches, tacking and gybing techniques and essential safety procedures such as responses to man over board events.

We prefer to keep the age of our students above 16 years old, when they have sufficient strength to manage some of the more physical aspects of sailing and can participate fully in the training courses.  And Tasmanian regulations require that a motor boat licence is required to operate a vessel of 4hp or more – with Provisional Licences available with conditions for young people between 12 and 17 years old.

We offer fully accredited sailing training courses:

RYA Start Yachting           2 day session     $375 per person

RYA Competent Crew    5 day session     $1106 per person

RYA Day Skipper               5 day session     $1106 per person

Call us to discuss your needs and book your course – Lyle 0419494350 Madelaine 0438771656

Or contact the Derwent Sailing Squadron to book.  Squadron members receive a significant discount on courses.