Cushions & Rugs

ENTOURAGE SAILING now offers a product range that aims to increase comfort and improve liveability of cruising and racing yachts.


  • Space Saving
  • Elegant & Fashionable
  • Comfortable
  • Warm & Dry

Comfort Cushions are not only fashionable and comfortable but they also save valuable space in your boat.

Comfort Cushions are designed with a 135cm x 200cm (double bed size) high loft Ocean Blanket quilt inside that can be brought out when you need extra warmth on a cold night, when you have guests on board for the night or as a wrap for staying warm on deck.  No valuable storage space taken up with extra blankets and quilts – Comfort Cushions store them for you in a format that provides everyday comfort on board.

Comfort Cushions come in a range of standard patterns, colours and designs for you to choose from.  We understand that you may wish to go that one step further with custom made cushions so we offer a range of Warwick Fabrics for you to choose from for that special touch.

As cushions for the saloon or the cockpit our Comfort Cushions are big, deep and squishy with strong rebound characteristics.  This makes for comfort in the saloon when lounging watching television, and have the size to take away the inevitable corners and sharp edges that take away from the experience of lounging in the cockpit and on deck.

Our fabrics have been selected to give long wear whether in the saloon, in cabins or in the cockpit.  We have specified UV stabilised fabrics and the quilts are fully synthetic to provide a sustainable high loft, ease of care and quick drying characteristics.

Comfort Cushions 55cm x 55cm with about 15cm of loft.

Long zip for easy removal and replacement of Ocean Blanket in the cushion.

Ocean Blanket is manufactured with ripstop nylon fabric on one side for strength and water resistance and taffeta on the other for comfort and moisture wicking on the other.

The Ocean Blanket quilt is filled with new synthetic fibre (300GSM) for heat retention, light weight and quick drying properties.


  • Practical
  • Warm & Dry
  • Easy care & Quick drying

Polar fleece blankets are renown for their heat retention and moisture dispersion properties.

Our polar fleece blankets have been manufactured to provide a no-frills solution to making beds and bunks on board cruisers and racers warm, cosy and dry. As experienced distance racers and cruisers we know how cold and wet it can be for all crew and how important it is for crew to have warm and dry bedding for their off watch periods.

Polar fleece is recognised as wicking moisture away from the body, helping crew dry out and retain body heat.  Get your crew out of their wet gear and wrapped in a polar fleece blanket for the rest they need between watches.

Our polar fleece blankets are machine washable and have quick drying characteristics – no need for extended drying periods for those soggy down sleeping bags at the end of the race!

For cruisers, our polar fleece blankets are ideal for easy care bedding.  Light.  Warm.  Excellent feel.  And machine washable with rapid dry characteristics.

Choice of two colours – red and blue Bound edges for strength, durability and good looks. 180cm x 200cm – double bed size plus.   320GSM brushed polyethylene.