Entourage Sailing offers a range of soft furnishings for cruising boats, focussing on comfort, fashion, space saving and practicality. We have found it difficult to source the furnishings that we want for our guests’ comfort so we have created our own!

We have started with a range of cushions that will be equally elegant in the saloon, in the cockpit or lounging on foredeck.  Our cushions are created using UV stabilised fabrics, are large and sumptuous, and contain an Ocean Blanket that can be taken out for extra shelter on deck or as a spare quilt for when extra guests are on board.  We have found ours on Entourage to be very handy when there is snow on the mountains and we are anchored in the southern D’entrecasteaux Channel in Tasmania.  That extra quilt on the bed makes for a very cosy stopover.

We have designed our cushions and blankets to be easy care as well as warm.  Quick drying, machine washable and easily stored are key factors we have considered.



Entourage Sailing operates a premium skippered charter business that visits iconic destinations primarily in the cool clear waters of Tasmania, more than 42 degrees south. We visit iconic locations such as Wineglass Bay, Schouten Passage and the Freycinet Peninsula; Tasman Island, Fortescue Bay and Port Arthur; Bruny Island, the River Derwent and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel; Recherche Bay; Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour. D’Entrecasteaux Channel and the surrounding bays and inlets have many pearls yet to be discovered by ordinary sailors. Entourage Sailing will help you discover these hidden jewels. Our adventures can take you to those special places in Tasmania’s waterways and coasts that few get the opportunity to experience. We would like to share our passion for the unique destinations that Southern Tasmania offers. Madelaine’s most treasured memory is cruising down the D’Entrecasteaux Channel towards Recherche Bay with at least 40 dolphins swimming alongside the boat. We want you to share our experience with the unique destinations that southern Tasmania offers. This includes the sheltered waters of the Derwent, D’Entrecasteaux Channel, the less known Norfolk Bay and the truly magnificent coast line around Cape Raoul to Tasman Island and up to Schouten, Wineglass and the Freycinet Peninsula. Take in the wildlife and the precipitous cliffs, the history and the cultural heritage of the region in comfort from the water. Walk on pristine beaches and breathe in some of the cleanest air on the planet. And take home images of the pristine wilderness that will be lasting and the envy of your family and friends. We have intentionally limited our offerings to niche parties with accommodation for only one couple for overnight stays and a maximum of 6 guests on day adventures. We never double book so your party will always be exclusively yours only including you and your guests.


email: lyle@entouragesailing.com.au

Mobile: 0419 494 350

ABN 29 860 958 648