We have sold Entourage so we are no longer offering skippered charters.  However we are continuing with our furnishings business and teaching people to sail, and have added a couple of extra activities just to keep us busy!


Entourage Sailing offers a range of soft furnishings for cruising boats, focussing on comfort, fashion, space saving and practicality. We have found it difficult to source the furnishings that we want for our guests’ comfort so we have created our own!

We have started with a range of cushions that will be equally elegant in the saloon, in the cockpit or lounging on foredeck.  Our cushions are created using UV stabilised fabrics, are large and sumptuous, and contain an Ocean Blanket that can be taken out for extra shelter on deck or as a spare quilt for when extra guests are on board.  We have found ours on Entourage to be very handy when there is snow on the mountains and we are anchored in the southern D’entrecasteaux Channel in Tasmania.  That extra quilt on the bed makes for a very cosy stopover.

We have designed our cushions and blankets to be easy care as well as warm.  Quick drying, machine washable and easily stored are key factors we have considered.



Entourage Sailing delivers sailing training through the sailing academy SailTrain in the Derwent Sailing Squadron.  On your own boat or on the club vessel we can take you through all aspects of handling and sailing a yacht.  This includes parking, leaving docks and jetties, navigation, cruising strategies and any other thing you want to ask about.



We’ve noticed that many people have difficulties adjusting to their new boats.  Particularly parking in marinas and at jetties.  We can work with you to get your driving strategies and parking procedures under control for your boat and your needs.


AIS (Automatic Identification System) ANALYSIS

AIS is becoming far more common in cruising vessels.  Around 90% of vessels visiting Tasmania from the north island or from international ports have AIS installed.  And around 5% of local cruising vessels have it installed.

We are creating a number of base stations to intercept AIS messages and provide them to MarineTraffic and AIS-Hub for general access and if necessary Search and Rescue operations.

We are also developing expertise in analysis of AIS data, filtering and adding value to the raw data to provide details of cruising behaviour in our waters – where people go, how long they go there.  This information is of value to tourism operators, parks authorities, marinas and industry.



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